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Vietnam in Top 20 Destinations to Living in the World

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Althought the economy is not too rich like many developing countries, visitor still plus destination to Vietnam by owning many scene nice and the food.

Vietnam in  20 top destinations  to living in the World Business Insider Page recently has suggested for many peoples tired of life at home and looking for new environment to do again the begining . Vietnam ranks 16th among the top  20 most liveable , higher than Japan and Belgium. In the opinion of this website, S-shaped strip of land owned many beautiful landscapes, delicious food, attractive, affordable, easy to make friends and social life stable. However, Vietnam also has some limitations such as standing near the bottom of the rankings on health and quality of life for children.

Topping the list is Switzerland. Despite small size, this country owns the economy, political stability, income per capita and is located in the heart of Europe.

National received the most opposition after the name in the list is India. Many people believe that this is dangerous countries for women evils of rape still occur daily and the government, there is no effective preventive measures.

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